Family Counselling

If you want to help keep your family together and are looking for family counselling we can help you live together more harmoniously.

Maybe one of your children or another person in your family is taking up your energy and disrupting everybody else?

Are you concerned because you don’t think you can talk to your children any more? Or that they are uncontrollable?

Are you concerned that your child may have an alcohol or drug problem or maybe mental illness?

Maybe you keep thinking that you don’t have a normal happy family like other people.

Your family home should be the one place where you all feel safe and connected.

That should be the case but after years as a family therapist, I have seen how difficult family really life can be. Unfortunately, children don’t come with a user manual or remote control but parents are expected to know what to do in every situation.

There is good news family therapy can help you.

Family therapy can help you understand what’s happening, so you can stop patterns repeating.

It can help you recover from any hurt and shock of traumatic incidents.

Learn how to troubleshoot negative behavioural patterns.

Gain new parenting strategies and practical skills for handling children of all ages.

Effective family counselling can make the situation better. I sometimes work with the whole family, with individuals or a combination of both.